The 7 Stages of Social Media

The Important Journey for Association Marketers - As you increase your presence social media pla...

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Analog vs Digital

Where is Your Association - Many associations have been slow to adopt a digital first policy. Boom...

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Upcoming Events & Webinars


Association Forum Holiday Showcase 2020

Dec 15th - 16th

Association Forum is pleased to announce their first ever virtual Holiday Showcase! Take in general education sessions, networking lounges, keynotes and more as we celebrate the last year of...

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Webinar - The Future of Events: 5 Lessons from 5 Associations for 2021

Jan 13th, 2021

Join Association TV® on January 13th, 2021 for this CAE credit approved webinar that will provide you with real, actionable tips and insights into building successful and engaging...

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Setting The Tone: The Impact of Music Choice in Video Development

Why do people love to meticulously create curated playlists for events, for their day or for a certain mood? Well, it’s because they want to evoke a specific feeling or vibe with every selected tune. The same applies for your video project; your choice of song gives you the power to influence the way your audience feels. *cue in evil laughter* But seriously, music can be a critical component in developing the tone of your videos. So, let’s strike a few chords and give you some advice on the topic, shall we?

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Conference Media: From Cost Center to Profit Center

We all know that video and multimedia production can be expensive. From hiring a videographer through to the editing process, the cost for a simple 3-minute video is something many would balk at. However, with the right strategy and planning in place you can turn that cost into profit.

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