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A CEO’s Guide to Rapid Change

The edge of the disruption tsunami is upon us. Your association will have to embrace a digital-first attitude to remain relevant. For many associations, this will be a drastic and painful process. As an association leader, you can become the conduit that creates a digital culture which puts your members’ needs first. Developing a digital-first association is not easy, but it all starts with you.

This book explores the many trends and transitions facing associations today, as they move from analog to digital.


  1. Going Digital – Everything Depends On It
  2. Understanding the Why of Your Association
  3. What Your NexGen Members Want
  4. The Boomer Challenge
  5. Social Media – Post Content at Your Own Risk
  6. Leveraging Multimedia for Retention and Recruitment
  7. Funding Change. Our Multimedia Content Can Be Profit-Center
  8. Learning From Netflix. A New Content and Funding Model
  9. Can Your Association Change at the Pace of Change?
  10. Putting It All Together

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From Moving Your Association From Analog to Digital…

Associations do a great job in planning content by medium. Mediums including magazines, newsletters, webinars and events are handled well by departments set up to do just that... The result is that we have segregated our viewership by medium… Associations that take an experiential view to member education and communication, unify their content strategy into a single plan that crosses mediums and provides members with content that they can read, watch, or listen to, that engages them and continually reinforces member value.

About the Author

Dan Stevens is a recognized and respected thought leader on association trends. He speaks at many association events about the recruitment, retention and revenue challenges that lie ahead. Dan leverages his decades of being a successful entrepreneur to help association leaders understand the urgency to compete to remain relevant. He is president of WorkerBee.TV, Inc. and the driver behind Association TV®. Association TV® is a leader in digital content strategy, production, and distribution.