The most critical type of monetization is the increase in member retention and recruitment that the Association TV® model provides. Association TV® can also help you to leverage online or hybridized continued education and accreditation improving pay-per-view or subscription revenue. At the same time, Association TV® editorial and event content models will help you grow non-dues revenue by enhancing your sponsorship and advertising offerings. Leverage the non-dues revenue models stand-alone or bundled with your current offerings to extend the value and reach for sponsors while increasing your revenue and lowering the cost of creating strong, engaging content. Not only is this good for your association, it is what your sponsors and advertisers are demanding - digital, video and multimedia solutions that extend reach, improve engagement, deliver leads and have measurable results.

To understand the potential revenue that you can generate from video, complete our online playbook for a personalized report or contact us to learn more.

Association TV® is a strategic partner that works with your sponsorship team to leverage the power of video. We can provide media kits and co-host webinars to educate your sponsors and partners on the possibilities and results that video can generate. If you wish to outsource your sponsorship sales, we can provide a proven industry partner that you can leverage without straining internal resources.