What Members Want

The association landscape has changed. What drives a millennial-member is completely different than the value that the boomer member expects. The tactics that worked in the past are no longer relevant. The only consistent thread with all member demographics is that they demand relevant information and education from their association. How that content is delivered determines the engagement share you receive - which correlates directly to your retention, recruitment and revenue goals.

Your audience has changed. Boomers are the association generation; the question is if Gen X, Y (millennials) and Z will participate in membership and joining when they expect free access to subscription-based content. Content consumption habits are changing, and digital competition is increasing for attention, time and money.

New and prospective members are looking for:

Digital & Mobile-First

The vast majority of your members are receiving information on their mobile device. Everything you do for content needs to be formatted to be "mobile-first". You will quickly alienate your audience if they can't easily receive and interact with content on their personal devices.

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Multimedia Experience

Video is now the expected and preferred medium for content delivery. Progressive associations are leading with video and then producing additional content pieces such as podcasts, white papers and social media posts from that original video. If you hope to compete for millennial membership, video is a must. If your organization straddles multiple generations, using video to drive multimedia is also a must.

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