Use Our Professional Video Creation Capabilities, or Provide Your Own

We understand video and how it can build your brand and your business. That's why we've been so successful in supporting our clients with creative video production, whether it is for education, or promotion. We capture your video at your desired location, from your corporate office to a tradeshow booth. Our expert production team will produce your video to align with your brand, and package it for marketing on your association website, banner ads, social media and email, including our two pop-up clickable banners.

Raw footage we receive


Finished video ready for distribution

Great Video Topics That Work

  • 1) Customer Success Stories and Testimonials - Captivate your audience with stories from your customers.
  • 2) "How To" Video Series - Share tutorials on how to use your products or services.
  • 3) Thought Leadership and Education Videos - Be seen as an expert in your field and provide value added insights relevant to your industry and customer base.
  • 4) Tips and Techniques Videos - Useful tips that demonstrate your knowledge and service capabilities.

Learn about the benefits of Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing Process
Planning Process
Script Development
  • We define objectives, messaging, calls to action, and your measurements of success
  • We review your content and outline the key messages to deliver
  • Script is approved by you
Storyboard Creation
  • Imagery Selection
Video Planning
  • Defines graphics, music, tone, people, voice over and on-screen imagery required
Film Production and Execution
  • We send a professional crew to film at your desired destination (if required)
  • Following the approved script, the first draft of the video is created to meet the objectives and goals
Video Approval
  • Online draft of your video is presented for edits and approval
Video Distribution & Outbound Marketing
Leverage our "Video Everywhere!" Player for:
  • Inbound Marketing
    • Embed your video on your website
    • Click-thru conversion banner
  • Outbound Marketing
    • Receive a custom embed code that produces a click banner that pops and plays your branded video on websites, e-newsletter, paid media
    • Use our sharing functionality to post your video on social networks, or our video email capability
    • QR Code to provide access to your video
Success Measurement
Integration to your Google Analytics allows for:
  • Video views and impressions
  • Banner clicks
Lead generation and Lead Nurturing capability