• Top 5 Digital Sponsorships that Engage Sponsors AND Members - Teaser

    During this session you will learn how much the needs of members and sponsors have changed – and for the better. The past was about brand advertising and minimizing the “noise” of sponsors around good editorial content. The shift to content marketing has opened up models that are good for BOTH members and sponsors, and we will review 5 models that are growing in popularity with associations – helping engage members and grow digital non-dues revenues.

    What you will learn…
    – How associations don’t have to trade dollars for pennies when moving to digital sponsorship
    – How associations can create models that create compelling content that help both members AND sponsors
    – Why the top 5 models are helping associations make the shift to positive non-dues revenue AND strong digital member engagement

    This session was filmed with a partnership for Non-Dues-A-Palooza.